Fashion Advice from the GOAT 

TB12 is one game down with 3 more to go in exile from anything Patriots. #stillbitter So to help pass the time, the GOAT is sharing some insight beyond the football field.

According to, New England’s fave Ugg connoisseur is known to offer his wife Gisele Bundchen fashion advice. We all know Tommy has the “it look” and with his supermodel wife they know how to slay red carpet events…or really any event.
For example, say you were Gisele (LOL) and you were getting ready for an appearance. Not sure what to wear? Tom will tell ya how it is. For example,“Too baggy. It needs to fit tighter.” Cause in this scenario we all are blessed with the body of Gisele, so this would be valid.

My favorite part of this article: “Once things fit well, everyone’s like, ‘Man, that looks so great,’ and yeah, no s–t, because it fits,” Brady shares. “Fit is key.” #endquote


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