Rhode Island May Be One Of The First States To Adopt Driverless Cars


So according to a Providence Journal news article, Senator Joshua Miller of Cranston will introduce a new bill allowing the testing of driverless vehicles on Rhode Island roads. Nobody knows for sure whether the driverless vehicle industry will ever take off, but if testing goes well and these things are a hit, Rhode Island could be ahead of the game.

Where do people stand when it comes to these self-driving cars? Well, according to a study I found on Google that may or may not be credible, 80% of the 2,000 people surveyed said they would not buy a driverless vehicle if they were available today. That is to be expected at this point, as any research and testing on self driving cars has been limited. The public isn’t really aware on how we these cars work, how our lives would change, how the state would monitor, etc. and you can’t really blame people for not trusting cars without drivers. After all, you wouldn’t get on a plane if there wasn’t a pilot on board, right? 

I like to thing of myself as a big picture guy (insert Michael Scott reference here), and I do see a future with self driving cars. Part of that is because technology is always evolving. Another part is because some mornings when I am really hungover, driving is the last thing in the world I want to do. And just between me and you guys, I think never having to control a vehicle ever again would just be the coolest thing ever. I just think back to when I was 16 and figured out how cruise control worked in my car and I would do it driving up a residential street at 15 mph. So Im 100% on board with driverless vehicles, even if they would inevitably take over the world because that’s what robot cars do, they take over the world. 

It should be interesting to see how the state legislators vote on this. Our economy isn’t great and if these things catch a spark, Rhode Island could be the first ones to the party. And everyone knows how important it is to be first. Look at Colorado with recreational marijuana, look at Uber in NYC, look at the auto industry in Detroit. We may lose a bunch of money testing self driving cars or we may all get rich. As a gambling man, let’s ride this baby!!!



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