How Much Would You Pay To Live In A Tiny Wood Box In San Francisco?


From tents to trucks, the next logical step in San Francisco has taken shape β€” in the form of a literal box. This makeshift bedroom, which its owner prefers to call a pod, is no larger than a wide bookshelf and inconspicuously stationed at one corner of an apartment living room in the Sunset District neighborhood. Its exterior resembles a large crate, while its inside houses a twin bed, a fold-up desk and some LEDs. (Washington)

$400 Bones! What a steal!

Remember when you were little and a blanket/pillow fort was the coolest thing in the world? Well that’s what our guy just did here except he’s a grown ass man and he’s living in a box that just happens to be in a house instead of on a street corner, where they are usually found. The picture of this box looks creepy as well. If I’m living in this house and I stumble into the kitchen before I drink my morning cup of coffee there’s going to be a moment of sheer panic when I have to think hard if I got drunk, kidnapped somebody, built a box, and then shoved them in it. And that’s not a great moment to have I imagine because if you have to worry about that, chances are you’ll just do it one day to get it over with. 

I mean we’ve all seen Silicon Valley, why couldn’t this guy just go find a think tank to live in while coming up with a life changing design. Better yet, he can live in my basement while he comes up with a better slogan for Rhode Island than “Cooler and Warmer”. But my biggest question is what happens when this guy his jerking off and has no idea that his friends are sitting at the dining room table eating right next to him? Guessing thats when it’s time to shut it down and just burn the pod to stay warm in the winter. 

Ps- Can somebody say squad?



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