For Some Reason, Rhode Island Is Going To Renumber All Of Our Highway Exit Signs


 PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Before long you’re going to be living off a new highway exit – even if you stay in the same house. The R.I. Department of Transportation is finalizing plans to renumber all of Rhode Island’s highway exit signs to comply with new federal regulations…The update said states could no longer use sequential exit numbers (Exit 1, Exit 2, Exit 3) and instead needed to use a numbering system based on distance or mileage. Officials have said the new exit numbers will make it easier for motorists to plan their trips.

This just makes NO sense whatsoever. It’s honestly baffling that people employed by our government actually spend time going over things like highway exit sign numbering. But that is what makes Rhode Island so special. Just when you think we can’t waste more time and money on another stupid venture, BAM we hit you with this. Hey, you gotta stay on your toes if you wanna be apart of the Ocean State, we learned that a long time ago.

My first thought: Is this what the Department of Transportation people do all day? Just a bunch of big wigs in fancy suits screaming at each other “WE NEED TO CHANGE THE NUMBERS ON THE SIGNS!”,  “NO THEY SHOULD STAY THE WAY THEY ARE!”. Back and fourth they go all day for what I imagine took them 17 months to decide? 

They claim this new numbering system is going to help motorist plan their trips and that leads to my second thought: Are they not aware of the existence of GPS? Those fancy little gadgets built into all of our phones that gives us directions to anywhere we need to go as well as an estimated time of arrival? Literally the only two things you need to know when planning a trip. But no, we’re gonna renumber all of our signs because it’s “easier that way”.

And that leads to my final thought: am I going to have to relearn where everything is? I rely on our current exit numbers to go to places like the Providence Place Mall, the airport, Lupos, URI, etc. You take away the numbering system we have now and I might as well be a newborn baby experiencing the world for the first time. I see myself missing every exit in the future because of this pointless change. Like it’s an actual possibility I die because I need to rush myself to hospital (ambulances cost money, F that) and I take the wrong exit and get lost in the hood, so I just choose death rather than learning the new exit numbers. Point is, change is stupid and this should have been something the people voted on. Guaranteed 99% of the voters would’ve been like “hell no we don’t want that, are you on crack?”.


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