“Ain’t Nobody Got Time” for the Flu

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Health officials say the flu is peaking later than normal this year in Rhode Island and since then it has shown no signs of dying down. 

Eyewitness News went to the Department of Health Friday to see where we are in this flu season and to find out if there is an end in sight. The flu virus was declared widespread in the state last month.

“We are seeing a peak that is a little bit later than last year,” said Joseph Wendelken of the RI Dept. of Health. The department said the peak is happening right now, and the flu has been classified as “widespread” in the Ocean State since the end of February – which is later than most years.

Get out your Purell, friends, and steer clear of the sickness. It’s never too late to get a flu vaccine. Wouldn’t you rather be safe than quote J-Beibs with “Is it too late now to say sorry…?” after you find your roommate hugging the porcelain after you infected them? Yeah. I thought so. But there is a silver lining: Rhode Island is one of the “best immunized” states in the country. *snaps* Still wash your hands though. And if you are infected…good luck. Ginger ale and saltines on repeat.



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