2 Men Caught Stealing Signs from The Pennfield School


Two Connecticut men are facing  vandalism and larceny charges after they were caught stealing signs from The Pennfield School on Sunday. Police said Frederick Hoyt Wenhardt, 19, of Oakville, Conn.; and Kyle Louis Romitti, 24, of Tolland, Conn., were spotted by an alert Sandy Point resident as they walked carrying several signs they had reportedly stolen from The Pennfield School around noon. The resident confronted them and they dropped the signs and fled on foot. The resident brought them to the registration tent at the nearby Beast of the East tournament happening at the same time as the alleged thefts.

Stealing signs is an art form in the eyes of young people. The perfect addition to any man cave. We’ve all driven by a sign and thought to ourselves, “man, that would look freshhhhh in my dorm room”. People naturally get urges to take these signs. Most of them elect to do it at night so they don’t get caught, but if these guys have enough balls to do it in broad daylight, then more power to them.

PS- Im assuming they were expecting to get caught. You don’t just casually walk around the Beast of the East tournament with a “Warning Electric Fence” sign, a “Trail Closed Due to Mud Season” sign, and a Pennfield School sign, without raising a few eyebrows.


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